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Michigan’s Oldest Dirt Track.  66 Years and Counting!

Driver Info

2017 Drivers Please read  

After lots of hard work this off season we are excited to kick 2017!  This season brings some changes at the Bullet.  We formed core groups of drivers in four of our classes including the UMP Modifieds, Pro Stocks, UMP Stock Cars and the Street Stocks.  

Each week we will have a specific number of spots open on top of the drivers in our core groups.  We did this as a way to increase payouts in all 5 classes to reward our drivers for supporting us week in and week out.  

UMP Mods will now pay $600 to win, Pro Stocks $500, UMP Stock Cars $260, Street Stocks $200 and Road Warriors (Former Jr. Stocks) $80.  

For drivers not in the core group there will be spots open each week but you will need to call ahead of time to see if we have room and reserve your spot.  Some drivers in the core group will miss some weeks so that will also open up additional spots for others to come race.  

Being a small track in the thumb we looked at this for the long term survival of racing at the Bullet and the response has been great from the drivers in the core group.  We want to build on the great things happening at the Bullet and continue to be the family fun place to be on Saturday Nights.    

We are happy to answer questions from drivers thinking of racing at the Bullet and also drivers who may be building cars for this season or the future.  Expectations for drivers at the Bullet can be read below.

Road Warriors and Mini Wedges will not be limited.  Drivers for both those classes are encouraged to give us a call as well with any questions.  

Drivers interested please contact either Matt Hoonhout – 810 459 2807 or Nick Hoonhout – 586 337 3991.  We are very busy getting ready for opening night so if we miss you please leave a clear message and your number so we can call you back.

Team Bullet Core Driver Expectations

We created this idea after a lot of thought and discussion as the best way to help Silver Bullet Speedway thrive for many years to come.  We have to keep costs in line to make sure we can keep the doors open and this will help us create a budget while rewarding drivers with high payouts and a greater chance to win each week.  

UMP Mods will now pay $600 to win, Pro Stocks $500, UMP Stock Cars $260, Street Stocks $200 and Road Warriors (Former Jr. Stocks) $80. w pay $600 to win, Pro Stocks $500, UMP Stock Cars $260, Street Stocks $200 and Road Warriors (Former Jr. Stocks) $80.

We will have a certain number of open spots each week for drivers not in the core group.  Additional spots will open up when a driver in the core group cannot make it.


Drivers to race a minimum of 10 weeks during the 2017 season.  

***If you are going to miss to call and inform us.  This way we can open up an additional spot for another driver.

           -          We understand events come up like graduations, prior engagements etc

           -          If your car is too damaged to race for a period of time we understand just communicate with us.  

                                      IE – Blown Motor etc.  You will have your spot when you are able to compete again.

           -          We are assuming you are racing by you being a member in the core group.  

We want to create more  camaraderie between the drivers and have fun with this sport we all love.  We want you to be proud of your home track.  

We expect drivers to help us positively promote the track

          -          Post positive things on Facebook and social media.  

                         o   Including live videos of working on the car, go pro videos, fun pictures etc.

                         o   Discourage the negative Facebook posts and comments

                         o   Check in to the races, invite people on the event pages, have fun!!

          -          Help pass out flyers all over the thumb and nearby areas.

          -          Encourage your friends and family to come to the races

          -          Participate in parades, car shows and other events

We are going to give each core driver tickets to pass out to help get new fans to the track.  

           -          These are to give to people who you randomly talk to and haven’t been to the track in many years or never at all.  

           -          These will help the track grow and also gain you some new fans.

Drivers not a part of the core group are still welcome to race but will need to call to see if there are open spots.  If you were already planning on traveling certain weeks call and let us know now.  If you have any questions or need an firther explanation feel free to contact us.  

We are redesigning our website and this page is still under construction.  It will be posted soon.  Thank you for your patience.