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Track History

Silver Bullet Speedway opened in 1955 and is the oldest operating dirt track in Michigan.  From the humble beginnings in the 50’s to current day the track has seen it fair share of exciting moments and changes over the years.  Formally known as Owendale Speedway, current owners Matt and Nick Hoonhout changed the name back to Silver Bullet Speedway as it was known as for a brief period in the 80s.  

Some famous faces have tightened their belts at the Bullet over the years.  Indy 500 winners A.J. Foyt and Parnelli Jones both spent time taking on the local talent from the thumb.  

The track has experienced many changes over the years going from a small hometown track to a destination for drivers and fans alike.  After purchasing the track in March of 2103, the Hoonhout Brothers set forth on plans to bring the track back to its glory days.  The concession stand was completely remodeled, new bleachers were installed, new fencing installed, concrete pit slabs were poured, electronic scoring was installed, new drainage system installed and many other improvements over the entire property.  

In 2013 after having only a few months to get the track operational, opening night was on May 29 and it kicked off a very successful summer.  Both car counts and fan base more than doubled over the previous years.  Many themed nights were planned along with special event races throughout the season that really helped with the success.  For the first time driver’s payout was also guaranteed for the entire season.The history is rich of great memories and exciting moments at Silver Bullet Speedway.  We are excited to be able to help grow the sport of stock car racing and do our part to improve the legacy of the oldest dirt track in Michigan.